Compression Socks, Sleeves & Stockings

Compression therapy can enhance your daily activities and complement your individual lifestyle. Whether you spend extended periods sitting or standing at work, embark on long-distance trips, aim to maintain healthy legs during pregnancy, or seek the advantages of compression garments as an athlete during training, competition, and recovery, we've got you covered.

Socks and sleeves are offered in varying lengths to cater to different parts of your body. For addressing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), most stockings reach just below the knee, but options like thigh-highs and waist-length tights are also available.

These garments feature diverse pressure levels, designed to feel snug without causing discomfort. Mild compression, characterized by lower numbers, is typically sufficient for comfort during long work hours. For preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), higher numbers with a firmer fit are recommended.

In essence, compression socks, sleeves, and garments are versatile solutions that can adapt to your unique lifestyle, providing support in various scenarios and promoting overall well-being.

Compression socks, sleeves, and stockings help with:

  • The feeling of tired, heavy legs
  • Painful calves
  • Edema (Swelling of the legs)
  • Skin ulcers
  • Varicose veins on the legs
  • Prevention of phlebitis
  • Lymphoedema
compression socks, sleeves and stockings compression socks, sleeves and stockings

Compression wear for healthy living

Athletes discover compression wear

Every athlete is looking for an edge to achieve peak performance. It’s the nature of competition. Athletes of all types wish to improve their endurance, athletic performance, and personal records. Due to the concept that compression garments can improve blood circulation, boost athletic performance, and speed up recovery, compression stockings and calf sleeves have been gaining in popularity among competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Healthy and happy during pregnancy – and beyond

Pregnancy is a very special time for you. It changes your body in many ways to support the growth of your baby, but also puts pressure on your legs. Therefore, it is important to have the correct support for your legs to keep them fit and healthy during pregnancy. This can be achieved through medical compression which is beneficial for your health during pregnancy.

Stay safe and comfortable during your next trip!

A simple and comfortable way to help relieve the symptoms of heavy, painful, and swollen legs during and after travel is to wear graduated compression stockings.

Additionally, compression wear is recommended in order to reduce the risk of developing more serious conditions such as phlebitis, DVT, or pulmonary embolism during long-distance travel by increasing blood circulation and improving venous return.

Healthy legs at work, at home and at leisure

Have you ever experienced the feeling of heavy legs after a long work day? This is because the blood in the veins of your legs and feet works agaist gravity when it must flow back to the heart. Prolonged sitting or standing can cause the blood to pool in the veins of the lower leg. This can be painful and cause swelling. It could even make you more vulnerable to venous insufficiency and clot formation. Compression socks and stockings apply consistent pressure to the legs, which keep blood moving back up to your heart, improving venous circulation and providing relief from pain and swelling.


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